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“Reaching to the contemporary civilization level” in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, as targeted by Atatürk can only be achieved by creating a vision that has certain targets and implementing policies by determining the strategies that will help achieving these targets.


Some significant advances have to be achieved in the next fourteen years. Achieving the targets determined in both foreign policy and political, economic, technologic and socio-cultural areas is possible through implementing the strategies which focus on the vision and targets, not the existing problems, between every institution in full coordination. From this point forth, we see that Turkey can be a prestigious actor in the international area only if it is powerful enough to reach its targets.


As a global actor that is democratic, respectful for human rights, having high life standards, producing technology, having a young population with dynamic and high educational quality, Turkey is going to be both a mediator power in resolving regional problems and a model that needs to be looked up to in the 100th anniversary of its Republic with all of its historical and cultural heritage – especially in a region that is gradually being more instable after the end of bipolar world system.


The visions and targets that will help Turkey to reach to the level of contemporary civilizations and the strategies and policies that are needed while working on these targets are determined in the project held within the context of the project of “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023”. The reports of the project are presented to the civil society organizations and the senior administrators of central organizations of Ankara and other cities by the experts and academicians as short term workshop programs. This way, every part of Turkey is being informed about the determined vision, targets, strategies and policies and a new dynamism is gained for the Turkish public with the synergy created. We wish the project of “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023” will be beneficial for our government and nation, and we present our respects.



Süleyman ŞENSOY

Chairman of TASAM