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Education - Science - Technology


• Offering suggestions about Turkey’s catching world’s technological developments in 2023 and preparing the infrastructure which will allow technological production


• Making expansions on the subjects of how technological production can be increased and how Turkey can become a preferred country at this subject


• Being of help in determining the technological advances for the development of Turkish Defense Industry depending on the new security understanding


• By evaluating the world’s energy potential in 2023, proposing ideas about what should be done in Turkey, which uses its own resources in the most effective way possible, in order to decrease external dependence on this subject

• Developing suggestions for what should be done within the international responsibilities in order to reduce the damage which current technologies cause to the environment


• Determining what should be done in order to develop and popularize the information technologies in Turkey


• Informing the public about nanotechnology, niotechnology and gene technology and appointing the things to be done in building up qualified personnel to work in this area