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The coordinator of TSV2023 project is Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM).


TASAM is a “scientific” research center which closely follows the conjuncture for the benefit of our folks and humanity and deeply evaluates every aspect of it, develops strategic vision projects in the civilization perspective with the objective information and original ideas it collects.


TASAM, established by few capable researchers and scientists in 2003 in Istanbul, is a private and independent center as an NGO incorporated body which serves Turkish and global private or public institutions in their studies about different issues and finances its activities by sponsorships & payments deriving from such services.


Objective of TASAM is to produce effective solutions and original alternative models through performing scientific studies, assessments, foresights, meetings and projects on Turkey’s problems and expansions related to its global and regional relations and historical, cultural, political, legal, economic, sociological, ethnical and geopolitical structure.