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International Relations


• Determining the 2023 vision of Turkish Foreign Policy, the purpose and the targets by evaluating the international environment in 2023, developing suggestions about the foreign policy strategy which will lead us to these targets

• Dealing the subjects of changes in the government structure and the future of nation states in the world

• Evaluating the international relations environment of 2023 for Turkey to be a “global and regional power”, contributing to the designation of the necessary precautions and policies to be implemented

• Assessing the contributions of Turkey for the peace and stability environment in the region

• Developing policies towards how can a dialogue and tolerance environment can be created between civilizations with the historical and cultural depth of Turkey for the aim of preventing the “clash of civilizations”

• Present suggestions to the existing foreign policy expansions, priorities and the policy principals needed in the implementation of the expansions in an effective way, finding answers to the questions of “how can the symmetric and asymmetric relations be developed at this point”, “how can a synergy be created”.

• Defining strategies and producing policies about how can national forces be used as a means of foreign policy

• Proposing suggestions about the changes in environment and ecological balance, the sharing of water resources and the precautions to be taken, and supporting the determination of necessary