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“Reaching to the contemporary civilization level” in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, as targeted by Atatürk can only be achieved by creating a vision that has certain targets and implementing policies by determining the strategies that will help achieving these targets.

Turkey’s achieving this target in 2023 necessitates taking into consideration the development dynamics in global scale, developing a vision from today and determining the strategies and policies that will lead Turkey to these targets.

 Achieving the targets will undoubtedly be possible through implementing strategies concentrating on the vision and targets, not through focusing on existing problems.

 Even though it does not seem so easy to take a part in the rapidly developing world as a powerful actor and to protect this position, Turkey will both become a country that has reached above the contemporary civilization level with a wide perspective vision and its values, and will take a place in the world stage as a democracy and peace island because of its geopolitical condition in such an inconsistent region.

Political stability is prerequisite for the strategies that are followed in order to reach these targets to gain operability. Institutionalization in every level of government shall be at an advanced level and determined policies and laws shall be implemented meticulously.

It is a well known truth that today globalization affects every nations. An economically powerful Turkey in 2023 will be affected least from the negative effects of globalization and will be able to reach to the level of developed economies. For this reason, in order both to achieve a certain level of welfare in the country and to get a degree of economic level in the world scale, economy policies whose targets are determined from the day on are needed.

Institutionalization brings together with itself the need for qualified manpower. Thus developing strategies that will make good use of the human resources potential –especially the young population- of Turkey, structuring an educational system that will prevent brain drain, development and growth are all essential elements.

Today using technology alone is not enough for development. The important thing is producing the technology. The beginning of Turkey’s activities in this area goes back to far behind. Consequently in the next fourteen years, there has to be good and enough amount of resource assigned for the research and development activities, coordination between institutions and new specialized personnel have to be raised for this field of work.

There is no reason for Turkey’s not being a well-esteemed and prestigious actor in the international arena if it leaps forward in achieving the determined targets