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Domestic Politics


• Determining how can domestic policy values (democracy, rule of law, human rights, etc.) of world states be developed in 2023, presenting the historical and cultural characteristics of Turkey, introducing these characteristics to the world and creating a discussion environment for the subject of how can the world system be supported with these values

• Presenting suggestions about the developments in the Turkish state structure and the practicability of these developments in 2023 parallel to all of these values

 • Taking steps that would reflect the contemporary values on the political area in 2023 and contributing to the production of policies which will make dissimilarities live together under the light of these values

  • Contributing to the providing of equality between institutions on the subject of setting the developments in the areas of international relations, economy, socio-cultural facts, etc. on stable political bases and determining the precautions that are needed

 • Arranging system discussions in order to find answers to the question of “Can a presidential or semi-presidential regime be implemented in Turkey apart from the parliamentary regime?”

 • Developing examples about the things to be done for the activities of political party structuring, election system and increasing the activities of legislation and judgment powers